Hospital Profile

 Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Dalian University was founded in 1907, the predecessor of East Qing Dynasty Railway Dalian Hospital established by Tsarist Russia in Shancheng Town, Dalian (now Shengli Bridge). In 1907, Japanese Manchurian Railway Company established ---- Manchurian Railway Dalian Hospital on its basis, one of the largest hospitals in Asia at that time.  

The hospital is a comprehensive university affiliated hospital integrating prevention, medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and rehabilitation. It covers an area of 90,000 square meters, with a construction area of nearly 200,000 square meters. In 1992, it was promoted to the third level of first-class hospital in Liaoning Province. The hospital undertakes the teaching tasks of 5 levels and 16 specialties including doctoral and master students in Dalian University, Dalian Medical University and Zunyi Medical College.

The hospital has 2208 beds and 3128 staff, including 585 chief physicians and associate chief physicians, 711 doctors and masters, 1 People's Famous Doctors, 2 National Famous Doctors, 6 Liaoning Famous Doctors and Dalian Famous Doctors.  It has 90 clinical and medical technology departments, 45 expert clinics, 40 specialty clinics, 13 night clinics, 25 teaching and research departments and 1 clinical skills training center.  

The hospital attaches great importance to discipline construction, with 1 national key clinical specialty (Orthopedics), 8 provincial key clinical specialties (Orthopedics, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Nursing,Intervention , Medical laboratory), and 10 Dalian first-level key medical specialties (Orthopedics, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Stomatology, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine,Nursing). There are 1 State Key Laboratory, 4 Liaoning provincial key laboratories and 2 Dalian key laboratories. It has one post doctoral workstation and one academician workstation. In 2021, the hospital was approved as the China-Japan cooperative demonstration hospital in Dalian.The department of oncology, orthopedics, hepatobiliary surgery and breast surgery have been approved as the construction projects of "Peak Climbing Plan" of Dalian medical key disciplines.  

Driven by science and technology, the hospital has undertaken more than 300 national and other scientific research projects at all levels in recent years, and has won more than 200 science and technology progress awards and achievement awards at all levels, including the first prize at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. Actively carry out cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, and have carried out cooperation and exchanges with famous medical institutions such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Macao.

Over the years, the hospital has given full play to its information technology expertise to build a new ecosystem of smart hospitals and facilitate the high-quality development of the hospital.  It has successively passed HIMSS EMRAM grade 6, "Grade 5 Hospital of Functional Application Grading Evaluation of Electronic Medical Record System" by Hospital Management Institute of National Health and Family Planning Commission, "Grade 4 GRADE A Hospital Information Interconnection Standardization Maturity Assessment" by National Health and Family Planning Commission, and "Grade 3 Hospital Intelligent Service Grading Evaluation" in Northeast China.  This achievement marks that the intelligent construction level of the hospital has gone ahead in China.  

Adhering to the "People-oriented" management concept, the hospital has created a hotel style, garden style and modern medical environment, with food Square, supermarket, bath, hairdressing room, gym, coffee shop, hospital History Center, Xinhua Bookstore, cultural corridor, and other service facilities, fully meeting the different needs of patients and their families.

In recent years, the hospital has won the titles of "National Advanced Collective of Health System", "National Humanistic Hospital", "National Innovative Hospital for Improving Medical Services" and "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Liaoning Province".  From 2017 to 2019, it ranked first in the performance assessment of Liaoning Municipal public third-class A hospital for three consecutive years. In 2018, it ranked fourth in the national performance assessment of public hospitals (group without annual financial reports).